Opening of the exhibition “Kome obojci kome opanci”, Čilipi, HR

One of the many outcomes of the Transnatinal History project was the curation of an exhibition that focussed on the transnational experiences of people from the region. The exhibition “Kome obojci, kome opanci” at the ethnographic museum in Čilipi combined regional and transnational aspects for numerous visitors. Traditional footwear from different eras provided an insight into the social conditions in the region’s past and linked up with the transnational narratives of the video clips via QR codes.
The exhibition in Konavle ran from 4 May to 31 October 2023 and was attended by numerous visitors from the region, political decision-makers, media representatives (radio and television) and international guests, mainly tourists interested in the history of the region from Slovenia, the USA, Canada and many more.
The project presentation and exhibition opening in Konavle were streamed, Norrköping stadsmuseum invited 200 people in Sweden to follow the stream via its online distribution list and organised an event directly at Norrköping stadsmuseum, during which the exhibition opening in Konavle was also shown and discussed.