Transnational History Panel discussion and project presentation

University of Klagenfurt organised a multiplier event in Klagenfurt. The event centred around a moderated panel discussion with representatives of the Slovenian minority in Carinthia. At the beginning, the coordinator presented the framework of the event, the “Transnational History” project with its methodological approach, its structure, its output and, of course, the partner organisations involved. The panel discussion was chaired by diversity management expert Nasila Berangy-Dadgar, with whom we had already worked very well in previous projects. She brought relevant knowledge and the associated sensitivity for the situation of minorities in the current and historical context. Three of the Austrian interviewees took part in the panel, the headmistress of the Slovenian grammar school in Klagenfurt, a teacher and former pupil of the Slovenian grammar school in Klagefurt and an architect, also a former pupil of the same grammar school and transnationally active in construction projects in Austria and Slovenia. The discussion referred to the interviews and the experiences of the interviewees as members of an ethnic minority. The moderator’s questions focussed on history lessons from the perspective of members of a minority, the use of the Slovenian language, multilingualism and the role of Slovenian associations. Interested questions came from the audience. Sixth form students from the grammar school also took part in the discussion.