Scene Collage “Mauerläufer” at Kulturzentrum Die GEMS in Singen, DE

Under the artistic direction of theatre pedagogue Albert Bahmann, the cultural centre developed a scene collage as intellectual output, which was the focus of the Multiplier Event. The scene collage “Mauerläufer” was created in regular rehearsals with additional intensive rehearsals and a dance and movement workshop by dancer Leander Kämpf from November 2022 to June 2023. The video excerpts from the 20 interviews with the project partners were the starting material for the theatrical development. The group worked with different artistic methods. The director and the dedicated ensemble rehearsed a lot with their voices, sang and also utilised intermedial references through the video clips and literary quotations. A special opportunity arose in the context of the scene collage through the personal participation of an interview partner in the theatre play. An actor and pharmacist from Afghanistan, appeared in a scene in which the video recording of the interview with him and his wife was projected onto the back wall of the stage. The actor transformed the stage into his own sphere, singing and dancing. This allowed for a different way of viewing the video clip, which contained an empowering moment. Towards the end, the video clips became the centre of the scene collage.