Transnational History: Project presentation and video screening

Instytut Tolerancji organised a multiplier event in Łódź at Szkoła Podstawowa at the end of August. The advantage of the late timing was that the video documentation had been finalised and could be shown in Polish and English to introduce the event. It conveyed the motivation and results of the project and established the context to the other partner organisations. Stanisław Goldstein presented the historical background of the Polish biographical interviews, the events of March 1968 in Poland when the communist regime used the student protests of the time as a pretext for anti-Semitic repression. Tens of thousands of Polish Jews lost their jobs and were forced to leave Poland. The video clips of the Polish interviews were presented. The focus is on Polish contemporary witnesses and their stories about a now taboo wave of anti-Semitism in Poland in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The interviewees in the Polish interviews talk about their escape and new beginning in Israel. In the discussion that followed, there was room for questions and reflection on the interviews.

In this context, you can watch the interviews with Ewa Szlank and the couple Zeligman on this platform.